Topioca ,also known as sago. It is mostly grown in the subtropical zone in Thailand. The traditional method used to process was to extract the starch from the Arecaceae plant then pulverized、filtered、washed irepeatedly、precipitationed、dried out and shaked into a round shape.Nowadays we use the cassava starch or wheat starch through machines facilities to make sago.

Our sago has a light sweet taste and mostly used in the cooking. Suitable for all types of people except those that suffer from diabetic are not advised to consume sago.

Sago is also beneficial for the spleen、lungs、digestion and the starch ingredient also provides healthy glowing skin and good for skin.

Cook method

  1. Boil water up to 10 times more than the sago.
  2. Put sago into boiled water and keep stiring it. Cook for 10~20 minutes untill sago turns transparent.
  3. Add milk、coconut milk、fruit or any ingredients you like and mix them together. Once done, it is ready to be served.